June 12, 2012


I'm happy to announce that Jacqueline Photography is now Jacqueline Plaza Photography. This is new new website and blog in one.  The changes have been a long time coming and I'm finally done creating this new site.  This old blog will no longer be updated....

Over the past few months I have been traveling for weddings, maternity and newborn shoots.  My clients have been amazing and I've truly cherised the special moments I was able to share in their lives.  I can't wait to blog about them in the next few weeks!  Traveling has also given me the opportunity to visit family in the area-which is always fun!

Most of all I've been busy loving on my husband.  Matt is nearing the end of the academy and my job, (that I love doing), is to make his life a little easier after a 12 hour day.  I look forward to blogging on the new site.....see you soon!


Jackie Plaza
Jacqueline Plaza Photography

January 29, 2012

*Lucero-California Olive Oil

Located in the little town of Corning, CA and among other olive groves, is Lucero.  I am so excited to have come here!  I went twice within three days:0  Its defiantly going to be "the spot" I take visitors to.  I love me some good olive oil, and this experience was the best I've had.  I never new there was a proper way to taste olive oil.  It is much like wine tasting.  The Staff at Lucero were knowledgeable, kind and welcoming.  Here is a link to their web site where you will find their full story and products to purchase.  EVERYTHING is good! You can't make a bad purchase and starting at $4 a bottle, I would say that is pretty affordable.   The most amazing combination I had was their Chocolate Olive Oil, ummmm yup, that's what I said....with vanilla ice cream!  It makes chocolate tasting ice cream but still looks like vanilla!  Truly delicious!!!  If you are ever headed up north on I-5, be sure to stop here.  It's conveniently located off the freeway.  Have a blessed week!

kinda funny;)

3 generations of california olive growers-Dewey with his father and grandfather

its the "new look" here in northern cali.  ha ha!  -with friends mel and phillip-thanks for visiting! xo

the crusher

gift packaging room

label machine room

tasting room and vanilla ice cream with mandarin orange crushed olive oil-yum!

sampling-first you warm the cup in your hand, then smell it and after taking a sip you make a funny sucking sound which brings out all the different flavors.  i LOVE good olive oil!

apart from making olive oils they also blend balsamic vinegars.  traditional, blueberry, wild cherry, fig, red apple and peach.  all are delicious!  love the container?  you can purchase a mini one.

among the flavored olive oils is the chocolate. we asked how they did it but its a secret:)

tasting room and store

dwarf olive tree

and dwarf me;)

love this one

and the biggest olive in the world!

January 23, 2012


What a sweet, sweet, boy!  Isaiah was a delight to work with and at three weeks old, he was very alert and awake for his first photo shoot.  Mom and Dad were great and you can see their love for him in these photos!

his favorite book

mommy's  doll/pillow when she was a baby

a beautiful crotched heirloom blanket

January 16, 2012

Happy New Years + Moving

Happy New Years!!!  I know....it's a little late;)  I hope everyone had a great time welcoming 2012.  I don't know about you but, I did not make a resolution because let's face it, no one keeps them!!!   Why set my self up for disappointment?!  Though I didn't set any concrete goals for the the new year it has brought about many exciting, bitter-sweet changes and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.  The last two weeks has consisted of packing, moving and unpacking, with a little bit of tears in between.

Matt, (my husband) was accepted into the Law Enforcement Fish and Game Academy in Northern California.   Our family and friends gave a us a beautiful, encouraging good-bye. It was hard to leave home but we are praying the Lord will bring us close to home when Matt starts his new job.  But for now, we will enjoy where we are.

As for me and my photography, I had a really great 2011.  I have so much to be thankful for and God's provision just continues to amaze me!  All the weddings, babies and families shoots were so much fun I"m really excited about my weddings this year!  I'll be traveling quite a bit but it will be fun and I'm looking forward to it.

Like I've mentioned before, I enjoy doing more than just photography.  Moving gave me an opportunity to re-arrange my decor in different ways.  We've been in our new place for about week and since its only 500 sq. ft. it wasn't hard to settle in quickly.....I mean like two days quickly!  I love it!  It has a cottage feel to it and its just enough room for the two of us.

Storage space is limited so I have to decorate with kitchen things and the occasional deer head;)  I love that lil guy!

There is something about putting holes in walls, that are not yours, that makes it easy to commit to doing a picture wall.  I still need to swap out the photos in the frames so all the pictures aren't of Matt and I;)

Bath robes in sight makes me feel like I"m in my own little boutique hotel.

December 25, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas!

It was such a treat to celebrate Christmas on Sunday this year!  Being at church was the perfect way to celebrate "the reason for the season"!  I hope that everyone had a lovely time with their family and friends and were able to reflect on Christ, the Savior, being born some 2000 years ago and what that meant for you and me!  For reading material on this click here.

To my family and friends,  thank you for the gifts you gave me!  I felt so spoiled by your generosity!  God has truly blessed me by having you in my life!  I love you and Merry CHRISTmas!   XO!  



December 19, 2011


Eliana was such a sweet bundle of joy!  It wasn't hard to get her to smile!  I love happy babies!  Here are a few of her Christmas photos!  Merry Christmas Diaz Family!!!